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S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting is a group practice of made up of Black and Brown women, Black queer therapists, and allies started by Sherri Nash. Whether you're dealing with trauma, racial or gender identity issues, or aiming to get a grasp on your mental health, S.C. Nash is a safe space for you to explore and embody every aspect of your identity and culture. The S.C. Nash environment is one of authenticity--It's important that every individual who walks through our doors is seen and heard for who they truly are.

As a collective of Black & Brown women, Black queer individuals, and allied individuals, the clinicians at S.C. Nash understand that mental health goes beyond the individualistic. The colonialist origins of Western psychotherapy emphasize the individual as the sole owner and responsible party for one's wellbeing. Those of us with marginalized identities know otherwise.
Your therapist at S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting can differentiate between unconscious depression and the conscious adaptive hopelessness that comes from living as a Black and/or Queer individual in our nation. You'll be treated as a whole person, with your intersectionalities recognized, honored, and integrated into your care.

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Therapist, Supervisor

Mental Health Counseling Therapist image. Sherri Nash, MA, LPC. Founder of S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting

Clinical Director, Therapist, Supervisor

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