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S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting is a group practice of Black women and Black queer therapists started by Sherri Nash. Whether you're dealing with trauma, racial or gender identity issues, or aiming to get a grasp on your mental health, S.C. Nash is a safe space for you to explore and embody every aspect of your identity and culture. The S.C. Nash environment is one of authenticity--It's important that every individual who walks through our doors is seen and heard for who they truly are.

As a collective of Black women and Black queer individuals, the clinicians at S.C. Nash understand that mental health goes beyond the individualistic. The white colonialist origins of Western psychotherapy emphasize the individual as the sole owner and responsible party for one's wellbeing. Those of us with marginalized identities know otherwise. Your therapist at S.C. Nash can differentiate between unconscious depression and the conscious adaptive despair that comes from living as a Black and/or Queer individual in our nation. You'll be treated as a whole person, with your intersectionalities recognized, honored, and integrated into your care.

Our Clinicians

Mental Health Counseling Therapist image. Sherri Nash, MA, LPC. Founder of S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting

A Little More About Sherri

Sherri Nash, LPC, is the founder of S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting. She is a survivor of intergenerational trauma and spiritual abuse from childhood. In the midst of enduring the shockwaves of trauma and abuse, Sherri struggled to find a therapist who looked like her and could truly understand her experience. Feeling as though she had no place to turn, Sherri made it her mission to become the therapist her childhood self needed. Her practice, and S.C. Nash Counseling & Consulting, are the realization of what Sherri feels is her life's mission: to walk in her purpose and embrace her gifts for the enrichment of her community.

In her spare time, Sherri enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading, learning about Black diaspora, napping, hiking, and traveling. One of her favorite spots? Sitting near Lake Michigan while the waves crash against the shore.

Mental Health Counseling Therapist image. Lisa Wiliams, MA, LMSW

Lisa Williams, MA, LMSW

I'm a therapist with over 8 years of experience working in the mental health field. I have extensive providing psychosocial treatment and services to individuals and families from various socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, and diverse backgrounds.

I utilize Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) , and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) while treating trauma, PTSD, and related illnesses in adolescents and adults.
I work primarily with adults with addictions, childhood traumas, and diagnosed co-occurring mental illnesses.